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Other Information Sources

Information sources

There are several resources, both printed and online, that can make collecting nonsport trading cards easier.

The major formal source of information is Non-Sport Update, (NSU) a 6 issues per year magazine. NSU includes a comprehensive price guide for cards as well as articles and promo cards. Many retailers and conventions advertise in NSU, providing further links to information.

NSU also host a moderated (semi-independent) discussion group, Card Talk. The members of this group are informed, helpful and supportive of newbies. Members of the forum also post their trading lists, so it is easy to find potential trading partners.

Other useful reference sites include:

Sketch card galleries for some of my favourite sets:

Key sites for DC comics information include:


Manufacturer web sites contain information about forthcoming releases, freebies and images and checklists for recent releases. Two companies are particular favourites of collectors for their quality and customer service:


I use a range of software to help me manage my cards collection.